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BBSF 20 - 24 Feb 2019


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Stall Details and Requirements
Note - this event encourages healthy eating and organic food & beverages. Food and beverages have to comply with Australian Certified Organic standards. This is also a plastic free event, (so please no plastic bags at all) (incl. cutlery, crockery, cups and bags) encouraging the use of sustainable, compostable and recyclable products and packaging to be supplied wherever applicable. Please note that the stall area is limited to no more than 3x3m space. If you need further information please contact
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Food Stall Bookings, Fees, and Cancellations
Stall bookings can be made as early as August 2018. The total fee for stalls is $280 *only 100 available (Markets)* (incl. electricity) payable in full by December 19th 2018 at the latest. Delays of outstanding payments will result in the loss of bookings. Cancellations of bookings have to be made by November 19th 2018 at the latest. Payments can be made via direct debit into Byron Bay Surf Festival’s bank account. See attached individual food stall invoice for payment details.
Stallholder Guidelines
The stallholder must not cause damage, make alterations or additions of any nature to, or carry out any damaging works of any nature to the stall area or Apex Park land and that, if any damage is caused, the costs of any repairs, making good or replacement are borne by the stallholder. Please also refer to BBSF Rules & Regulations for further details, which will be agreed and signed off on with your signature below.
Please note that there is no access to power outlets with any of the food stalls. If you must use power in order for your product(s) to be sold or promoted please contact immediately.
Insurance, Certifications and Agreements
Please provide your Certified Organic Credentials if applicable as well as Public Liability Insurance (min $10M) and all requirements under the Public Health Act and local Byron Bay council by-laws for food compliances with all safety regulations concerning the preparation, storage, display and sale of food and beverages.
I certify that I have read, understand and agree to abide by all of the BBSF Surf Art Market Rules and Regulations as provided on the separately attached PDF document. I understand that if I, or my staff, do not comply with the Rules and Regulations, I may be asked to leave the event site or be liable for any resulting damage to equipment or people. I agree to comply with BBSF Surf Art Market management directives. I, as the owner/operator of the stall, hereby indemnify the event for any loss, damage, liability or any other action in any way resulting from my stall application or use of my stall site area.
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The Byron Bay Surf Festival is committed to reducing its environmental impact. Accordingly, our Production and Management teams are dedicated toward producing an event that is environmentally responsible and accountable. We promote and initiate sustainable principals in all aspects of the event, including zero-waste strategies that reduce landfill (primarily the elimination of single-use plastics) and offer recycling and composting waste streams throughout the festival.


Byron Bay Surf Festival 2018 Food Handling Policy
Our Food Handling Policy is in three sections;
    •    Our Food Policy Statement
    •    Principles and guidelines under NSW legislation and the rules of the Byron Bay Surf Festival
    •    Responsibilities, Procedures and Resources
1. Our Food Policy Statement
Byron Bay Surf Festival Pty Ltd, operating as Byron Bay Surf Festival, will provide a safe and suitable environment for all patrons of the Festival, including stallholders and customers. In order to ensure food safety, all food stallholders and vendors trading in food products at the Byron Bay Surf Festival will abide by the following policy statements and procedures, in regards to safe food handling, and within the legislation stated by HACCP ( and the ‘Guidelines for food businesses at temporary events’ by the NSW Department of Primary Industries ( 
2. Principles and Guidelines under NSW legislation and the rules of the Byron Bay Surf Festival
Statement of Byron Bay Surf Festival rules and procedures for all food vendors/ stallholders;
a) Relevant Licences, Permits and Insurances under State and local Council
    •    All food stalls must have NSW State approval and display a current certificate of Licence and Registration. They must also hold and display the required food certificate certificate/ permit from the Byron Shire Council
    •    All food stallholders must have completed a Food Safety Supervisor’s course (FSS) and be able to produce upon request
    •    All food stallholders must have current Public/Product Liability Insurance and be able to produce upon request
    •    Every stallholder indemnifies the Byron Bay Surf Festival for non-compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in the Food Handling Policy document.
b) Construction of temporary food stalls
    •    Preparation and serving areas to be enclosed on three sides  
    •    Floors to be in the form of a non-absorbent easily cleaned material (e.g. vinyl) cut larger than the floor area to enable it to be turned up at the wall and clipped or fixed  
    •    Walls to be non-absorbent easily cleaned. The framework of the wall panels should support the fabric taut and rigid. No part of the walls should flap in the breeze
    •    Ceiling to be of similar construction to the walls
    •    Whole structure to be securely fixed together when assembled
    •    Food preparation surfaces must be made from rigid, smooth and durable material. Timber surfaces should be painted, laminated or clear finished. Shelves should be at least 150 mm off the floor to avoid cross contamination
    •    The preparation and display of food, including unpackaged ready-to-eat food, must be protected from contamination. Sneeze barriers should be considered
    •    The food stall or vehicle must be maintained to a standard of cleanliness where there is no accumulation of garbage or recycled matter food waste, dirt and grease.
    •    All fixtures, fittings and equipment, and those parts of vehicles used to transport food, must be maintained and cleaned and sanitised so there is no accumulation of waste
    •    Bench tops and storage appliances must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition to reduce the likelihood of contaminating food. Counter surfaces should be regularly sanitised throughout the day. The containers used for chemical storage should be appropriately labelled
    •    Chemicals must not be stored near food or any packaging likely to come in contact with food to avoid the risk of contamination and must be labelled.
    •    Electricity, Gas and Fire
    •    All electrical equipment must have current certified tags
    •    All gas bottles must have accompanying certificate
    •    A fire extinguisher and fire blanket should be supplied in any vehicle or stall where cooking or heating processes take place
    •    Fire safety equipment should be easily accessible. The extinguisher should be suitable for dealing with the type of combustible materials present
    •    Fire safety equipment should be tested annually and have current tagging in accordance with Australian Standard 1851.
    •    Food Safety and Handling
    •    All food businesses that handle potentially hazardous foods are required to have a readily accessible, accurate, probe-type thermometer. Monitor the temperature of hot or cold foods under operating conditions to ensure adequate temperature control is being maintained
    •    All food, including beverages, should be prepared, displayed, stored and served in a manner that will protect them from contaminants
    •    All cooked food and ready to eat food should not be touched with bare hands
    •    Raw food and cooked food must be separated at all times
    •    Eating and drinking utensils must be in a clean, sanitary and undamaged condition immediately before each use
    •    All people involved in the cooking and serving process need to be suitably attired in clean protective clothing.
e) Food Display
    •    When displaying food, the stallholders should take all practicable measures to protect the food from likely contamination by customers, dust, fumes or insects. This may mean using food wraps, sealed containers, sneeze barriers and food covers.
    •    In the case of food samples or taste-testers, stallholders must ensure there is no contamination, food is served in single serves only, stallholder uses tongs/gloves to handle, customers use compostable cups, spoons and/or toothpicks to handle food and that stallholders supervise and use signage to ensure no double-dipping.

f) Waste Management
    •    The Byron Bay Surf Festival is a minimum waste event and is supportive of the efforts of Plastic Free Byron. All efforts need to be made to reduce the use of single-use plastics by the stallholders. Single-use plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic cutlery, plastic containers and plastic cups are not permitted at the Festival. Instead, please provide compostable alternatives i.e. compostable plates, compostable cutlery and paper straws
    •    Rubbish bins will be provided by the Festival for use by stallholders. It is the stallholders’ responsibility to separate waste effectively into the correct bins.
3. Responsibilities, Procedures and Resources
Compliance of the Food Handling Policy will be monitored and reviewed by the Byron Bay Surf Festival before and throughout the duration of the Festival.
All event stallholders are responsible for upholding the Food Handling Policy throughout the Festival. Termination of stallholder contracts will result from non-compliance.