Check out two interviews with guests involved in this year’s festival; Nobby Ohkawa and Crystal Thornburg-Homcy!


How would you describe your style of shaping? 

People often call my work “wood craftsman makes wooden surfboard and fin”, It’s very flatting but I believe that “a surfboard and fin shaper makes products using by wood”.

What is the story behind your board shaping career?

You can read about it in depth here!


Why are you pumped to be at the Byron Bay Surf Festival?

Byron has always been an attractive area for me but unfortunately I couldn’t get there in my past trips.

So as you can imagine, I was very happy when I was invited to the BBSF 2014 and this time in 2017, because I’d be able to contribute something to my favourite place and give back to the community.

What can people expect to see or learn from a Nobby shaping workshop?

Participants make their own streamline shaped fin from a plank and learn what is ‘functional foil’ and how to use it.

What do they get?

All participants get to experience shaping their own fin and will get to feel the difference it makes when they’re riding because of the lightweight nature and natural flex!

How can people book your workshop?

Anyone that is interested can book on my website, email me, or DM me on Instagram.





Tell us about your film playing in the Mini Film Fest at 6pm at the Byron Theatre?

“Sliding into the Light,” a new short film featuring Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, is a meditation on loss, renewal, and our connection to the sea. From childhood to motherhood, the film explores the challenges of femininity and the strength and support that the ocean provides. While the surf film genre is traditionally a portrait of unattainable perfection, “Sliding into the Light” encourages us to find beauty in everyday challenges. Shot entirely on 16mm film by Dave Homcy.

Created by Crystal Thornburg-Homcy & Simon Beins

Produced by Damian Handisides

Original Music by Simon Beins

Cinematography by Dave Homcy


Who will it appeal to?

The film can appeal to everyone, because we’ve all had difficulties in life. As a surfer, the ocean is a place for healing, reflecting and embracing change. 


How’s it going to get people thinking/feeling? 

I wanted to make a short film that felt honest. Surfing culture seems to thrive on the perfect lifestyle and perfect waves. There can be that but what about all the in between moments in life. I just wanted to talk about something real, relatable, and in most cases taboo. I wanted to share my story in hopes of encouraging others to express their own challenges in life. I feel it creates a stronger community and can add depth to surfing culture.  I hope the film makes others feel empowered to share their own experiences. 


What is your background as a filmmaker?

My husband Dave Homcy, and I have been working on various film projects together for over a decade including, “Sliding Liberia”, “Come Hell or High Water”, “El Mar, Me Alma”, to name a few. A few years ago we created our own film “Beyond The Surface” which made its Australian premier at the Byron Bay Surf Festival a few years ago. 


What do you love about surfing and the Byron surf community?

Byron Bay is home away from home. I love the community here because everyone is so supportive and seems to have a deep commitment to the environment which is very encouraging and inspiring. Byron Bay is home to some of my favorite waves on the planet. I’ve always had the best experience here in the water weather it being a friendly smile from a stranger or a dolphin sharing waves with me, I just can’t get enough of it. 

You can catch “Beyond the Surface” alongside other amazing short films at the Byron Community Centre, Feb 25 from 6pm.