BBSF 10-Year Anniversary Artshow – RVCA Gallery, Byron Bay

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This years BBSF group artshow will be exhibited in the RVCA Gallery Byron Bay. We are bringing a truly International group together for this 10 year Anniversary show. They may be known for their Surf Culture contributions, in one way or another, heck they may have even painted a board or 10 but this lineup should not be restricted to the term ‘surf artist’. Their width and breadth of work spreads to all corners of the globe and across several mediums including illustration, painting sculpture, photography, music, and even tap-dancing. Introducing …Ozzie Wright, Ty Williams (US), Michele Lockwood (NYC/AUS) Kentharo Yoshida (JPN), James McMillan, Jaleesa Vincent, and Robin Falxa (FRA). Please click on image to learn more about this diverse and influential group of artists.

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Ozzie ‘WRONG’ Wright





RVCA Gallery in Byron Bay host a variety of artists across many mediums. RVCA’s Artist Network Program (ANP) features many influential artists across the cultures of Skateboarding & Surfing.

From RVCA –

The RVCA Artist Network Program, commonly referred to as the ANP, is an ongoing program which aims to showcase the talent of accomplished as well as unknown artists who inspire our generation and push the boundaries of creativity; providing something of substance and culture.

To RVCA, an artist is not just someone who paints a picture, or writes a song, but someone who is dedicated to sharing with the world their life, emotions and soul through innovative and creative ideas. RVCA and the ANP were developed to shake the very foundations of the business, by giving back to the artists and providing a voice for their creative growth.



With the current state of the environment/climate this year, BBSF along with many other individuals and brands have a strong focus on these important issues. Being aware of how we as a collective bunch can become more conscious of and for our natural world, each artist will be showing an adapted/repurposed piece of ‘junk’, as ‘art’, along with their artworks. We’re excited to see what they create.

BBSF Group Art Show
Friday February 14th
5pm – 7pm

30 Johnson St,
Byron Bay, 2481
New South Wales

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