Surf Art Markets FREE Event – Saturday at Byron Bay Brewery for BBSF


Byron Bay Brewery is the home to the BBSF 10-Year Anniversary celebrations!
One of the biggest days on the BBSF calendar is Saturday Feb 15th when Byron Bay Brewery hosts a totally ***FREE*** full day event that is family friendly, for the whole community and in the afternoon as the markets wrapu up the fun doesn’t stop as things seamlessly roll into the nights Live Music gigs with headliners Goons of Doom (tickets required)!!
Saturday at the Brewery will showcase the true spirit of Byron Bay Surf Festival with a multifaceted experience that entices you to explore the market stalls of Artists, Jewellers, In-water surf fashion, Surf accessories and Artisans. Quality food and bevs available morning through to dinner and that delicious in-house Brewery craft beer on tap from lunch time!

Come touch and feel (and even buy!) the wares of some of Northern NSW’s finest and most creative surfboard shapers including Joel Fitzgerald, Deadkooks by Eden Saul, Surfers Country surfboards by Jun Kurahashi and MYC Surfboards by Matt Yeates.

Ever wanted to be a Milliner…… well you can try your hand at this ancient craft and create your own hat by jumping on the tools with Fallenbrokenstreet’s Hat Making Workshop!

There will be 3 photo exhibitions to draw inspiration from including BBSF’s 10 year Anniversary collection, White Horses Magazine best of, and the beautiful and rising popularity of local images created by Byron Bay’s Saxon Kent.

The music is a hero of this ***FREE*** event with a host of talented local artists on 2 stages getting us swaying, swooning and cruising throughout the day from 9am.




12 – 1pm – Luke Morris 

1:15 – 2:15 – Beach Plums 

2:30 – 3:30 – Nick Cunningham 

3.30 – 4.15pm Fallenbrokenstreet Music Bus


9 – 9.45 Jake Harpaz

10 -10.45 Josh Lee Hamilton

11 – 11.45 Karrie Hayward

12 – 12.45 Felipe Baldomir

1 – 1.45 Dusty Boots

2 – 2.45 Ben Camden

3 – 3.45 Tyler Nakoa

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If that’s not enough music for you grab tickets to the Saturday Night live Music Gig in the band room with Goons of Doom, Radolescent and Cupid & the Stupids!

The Surf Art Markets are just one part of the epic festival at Byron Bay Brewery, BBSF will activate each space to showcase surf cultures finest activists, musicians, film makers and surfboard shapers….. below is the Events program for Saturday at the Brewery.

Each of the following require tickets. Get your single event tickets through links provided below or buy full festival ticket to see it all!!


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WaterPeople copy sq.png

WaterPeople Podcast Live 

Saturday 4-6pm Byron Bay Brewery Event room

Hosted by Lauren L. Hill & Dave Rastovich with special guests – Gather round for an afternoon of raw surf storytelling, as we invite our special guests to dive in and explore the critical, heartfelt, funny and honest conversations, of their lives and of our culture, through storytelling. This is a live recording for a forthcoming Waterpeople Podcast

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1-9pm Venue BBB cinema

(In chronological order….)

The Byron Bay Brewery Cinema: Start 1-9pm

Happy Sad Man: $15 (Sat 1.30 – 3.30pm) 
(not included in full festival ticket)

Happy Sad Man is a charming and uplifting insight into the lives of five very different Australian men.

“When five men – a surfer, a farmer, an artist, an ageing hippy, and a war correspondent open up about feelings, mental health and masculinity – weird and wonderful things can happen on streets, in public places and even kebab shops.”

Outdated Children AUSTRALIAN FILM PREMIERE : $15 

(Sat 7.30 – 9pm. Q&A with Mick Waters + featured surfer Glen Casey followed by film)

A new film by Australian filmmaker Mick Waters. 

Mick’s movie is titled after the Dr.Suess quote, “Adults are just outdated children”.

A Wayne Lynch voiceover opens the film. The secret to getting older, says Wayne who cops to being very old these days, is keeping that childlike appreciation of the world without becoming childish in the way you do it.  Three years ago Mick packed his family up into a caravan and took off around the southern coasts of Australia.

The movie, in essence, is a string of short vignettes about the menagerie of characters he meets along the way. When you drive along the bottom of the Australian coast you’re going to meet some interesting cats.

The surfers include Wayne Lynch, Glen Casey,Dustin Hollick, Marti Paradisis, Sandy Ryan, Mick Fanning, Jeff ‘Camel’ Goulden, Heath Joske, Paul Joske and AddyJones. 


Crystal Voyager SURF CLASSIC 1973: $15

(Sat 4 – 5pm Byron Bay Brewery Cinema)

Crystal Voyager is a 1973 Australian surf film directed by David Elfick with Cinematography by Alby Falzon & George Greenough. The film is structured as a loose biography of Greenough and was shot largely in California. It documents Greenough’s search for uncrowded waves, which led to the construction of his 37-foot ocean-going yacht. Music by Pink Floyd, G. Wayne Thomas (Tix on door as available)

NOTE: This was originally a showing of the re-mastered version but as George was not 100% happy with the final masters it is being finished at present and we are showing the original version via DVD

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Self Discovery for Social Survival (New York) AUSTRALIAN FILM PREMIERE : $15

(Sat 6 -7.30pm Q&A and film)

A collaborative film by Chris Gentile between record label Mexican Summer and Pilgrim Surf + Supply New York. Musicians and pro surfers embark on a journey together to Mexico, the Maldives and Iceland, exploring the symbiotic relationship between waves and sound.

Stephanie Gilmore, Ari Browne, Ellis Ericson, Devon Howard, Ryan Burch, Lee-Ann Curren, Andrew Kidman, Corey Colapinto, Jamie Brisick, Allah Las, Andrew Van Wyngarden

Meet some of BBSF’s sponsors at the surf art market!